Productos naturales

“An SME responsible, ecologically and socially”

Social justice

Gender Equity

They are more women in senior positions than men (5 women, 3 men)

60% of workers are women.

El 60% de los trabajadores son mujeres.

Women also hold management positions and / or responsibility (and not only executers or operatives).

Social Justice

We comply all our working obligations as employers.

We promote participatory democracy and collective leadership style

We encourage participation in the management of the company by a Board of Directors, regular meetings by area and individual responsibility

Communitary committments

We support our community CONFORME to our economic capacity Apoyamos a nuestra comunidad conforme a nuestras capacidades económicas.


  • We support our community according to our economic capacity.
  • We preferably hire people from our community
  • We maintain excellent relationships with our community coordinator
  • We also provide our facilities and participate in community activities
  • We receive groups of producers and students for visits or exchanges

Recibimos grupos de productores o productoras para visitas o intercambios