Productos naturales

“An SME responsible, ecologically and socially”




This cooperative, located in Nandaime, produces and transform hibiscus which is used to make our Jamaica jam. We respect and trust each other also our relationship is more than commercial.
Currently, we distribute some of their products as “Jamaica concentrate” and wines made with fruits.
Pedro Alemán He is a small farmer from Carazo, with a diversified organic production. He supplies oranges for our products.
(Passion Fruit’s producers Cooperative)
It is a cooperative, which is formed by passion fruit producers, dedicated to commercialize and transform passion fruit (elaborate several products). It is located on the north of the country, about 150 km from our company. It supplies us passion fruit.
Small individual farmers We have to buy several agricultural products from wholesale market or small traders and middlemen. These products come from small producers of the country.
Joya de la Salud Local store of natural products. They produce the “granola” that we sell in the South of the country.




Their community store “Antorcha ecológica” provide us with honey from the local producers, that we pack and sell.
ADDAC is an allied NGO who contact us with organic producers (of lulo, passion fruit…) who they support with the commercialization.
Tierra y Vida

Is a small local NGO, located in the South of our department (Carazo), who ir dedicated to promote and facilitate rural community participation and comercialization.