Productos naturales

“An SME responsible, ecologically and socially”

Practices and certifications

In order to work without preservative, ensuring a long shelf life of our products while providing to consumers safe products, we work with 4 major elements:

  1. Using glass jars with twist off caps. It is a package that ensures that the product is no contaminated once it is packed.
  2. Respecting GMP standards throughout the manufacturing process
  3. Using technology to guarantee the safety of the product:
  • . Packaging sterilized products (not contamination, pH, temperature)
  • . Water bath the jars once closed and
  • . “Thermal shock” (immersion in cold water)

bpm-2 bpm-1

As we work without preservative, international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices are an aid for us to “make things right”. It indicates how to do to minimize any risk of contamination.

Getting a certificate in GMP is a challenge for a SME like ours, since we have few financial resources available to pay well qualified staff to accomplish the set of standards and other records that give us access to certification.

We asked for certification in May 2014

Subsequently we will be looking to comply HACCP