Productos naturales

“An SME responsible, ecologically and socially”

Environmental Responsibility

Finca Santa Clara was born with the desire to be a private SMEs promoter of peasant organic farming.

The impact of climate change in Central America is really strong, so the only alternative to mitigate its damage is to produce by protecting and restoring our soils fertility, also conserving the environment.

To contribute to this purpose, Finca Santa Clara:

  • Preferably buys to farmers who conserve their soil, so pays a higher price for your product.
  • Makes alliances with organizations that promote agro ecology.
  • Participates in local advocacy activities on behalf of agro ecology.
  • Implement technologies to reduce almost all the negative environmental impact, to be an example of good environmental practices.

Our approach is:
Sell ​​more to buy more agricultural products to farmers who conserve their land.